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Refinishing & Repairing Hardwood Floors


Updating Existing Hardwood Flooring


Many times homeowners discover under their wall to wall carpet a virtual fortune in existing hardwood flooring. Other times what first appear as worn, tired and neglected exposed hardwood floors can be beautifully transformed through our complete refinishing process into the defining statement of your homes style.


We are always amazed when a new homeowner discovers hardwoods hidden under the old carpeting from the previous owner.  In many cases as styles change the opportunity to infuse new color into an existing floor provides the continuity in the updating of your home that design so crucially needs for success.


What to Expect
With most of our refinishing or repair work, you can expect some minor paint touch-up for your walls. This is especially true for projects where your floor will need to be stained.

Regardless of the type of project, it is important to remember that our floors are NO WAX floors and only a damp mop should be used to clean them. With this in mind, recoating of floors previously finished with polyurethane can be accomplished, however there is no guarantee of adhesion not knowing how the floor was maintained or cleaned.

Dust Control

High-powered vacuums are positioned outside the home to collect even the finest dust particles. Dust control is standard procedure on all of our installs, repairs and moldings.


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American Hardwoods: Renewing, Abundant and Sustainable: American hardwoods have entered their fourth century of providing beauty and authenticity, warmth and integrity, lasting aesthetic and functional value to interiors. For floors, furniture, moldings, millwork, cabinetry and built-ins, they are quintessentially green materials in abundant and self-renewing supply.   Read More






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Sustainable Hardwoods

More American Hardwood Now Than 50 Years Ago


7 Million Private American Hardwood Forestland Owners


Single-tree Selection is Predominant Harvesting Method

American Hardwood Forests Renew Themselves Naturally

Growing Forests Produce Oxygen; Store Carbon


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